Voyages to Hell

translated by

Nguyen Khang & Bui H.Huu



Buddha Tse Kong who manifested on April 9th, 1978. Year of the Horse 

Cloudy mountains gives way to the world of immortals
Under the fir tree, he transcends space, time and all
Busy is he in assisting mankind
To enlighten within, a perpetual, bright light

Buddha Tse Kong:   The heat is extremely suffocating. Shops and bus stations are crowded with people. In hell, the roads are muddy and slippery. However, a strange animation is prevalent there. Letís have a good look at the dusty world! A distressing spectacle is displayed: in the temples and churches, the atmosphere is cheerless and dim. Artificial flowers with depressed outlooks, and the smell of alcohol, meat, and passionate desires have taken place a long time ago to slowly lead man to the marsh of crimes. This explains why hell is being overcrowded with damned souls. I hope that men will awaken themselves quickly. Now, Yang Tsíien, letís go to hell. 

Yang Tsíien:    Yes, Sir. Iím ready. 

TK:      We arrive. Get down, son. 

YT:      Who are those people coming in our direction? Where do they come from? 

TK:      They are the Mandarin-Governor of the prison with ďVats of Bubbling OilĒ and his Generals coming to welcome us. 

YT:      Oh! I have the honor to meet His Excellency and the Generals. 

The Mandarin:    I am delighted with your visit as prescribed by the celestial ordinance. 

YT:      I thank you very much for your warm welcome. Ordinarily, on earth I see a signboard at the gate of every factory and enterprise saying ďno admittanceĒ. Here, itís the reverse, because you have reserved us a hearty welcome. Why do you do this, Excellency? 

TK:      The factories, mills and enterprises are public places where idle men are not admitted. Hell doesnít have any doors and refuses to entertain visitors. Human beings, however, donít seem to cast a glance at its posted monitor. They venture to bump their heads against the invisible door. Itís not surprising to see them crack their heads, bleed profusely and wail incessantly. 

The Mandarin:   You are right, Venerable Buddha Tse Kong. No one can come here unless they are invited. The trespasser without permission will fall right away into a deep well before he can say anything. So, our prison of ďVats of Bubbling OilĒ is dependent on the 9th Palace. Please come in for better inspection. 

YT:      Excellency, please accept my thanks for the information. Cries and screams are resounding from the prison. On the ground, I see a row of vats with bubbling oil spilling over their brims. The demon-guards, on their part, are busy adding more oil to the vats and feeding the fire with additional logs. The sinful souls are stripped of their clothing and tied to the stakes driven into the ground near the vats. When the oil is boiling hot, the guards pour in cold water, and then the boiling oil and the fire splash all over the sinnersí bodies. Their skin is swollen and blisters are formed throughout their bodies. They utter heart-rending screams of pain. Their lot is really pitiful. What crimes have they committed? 

The Mandarin:    I am going to have some of them come here. Their declarations will be a good lesson for men. 

YT:      Interesting, indeed. 

The Mandarin:     Here they come. Now listen, sinful souls! These gentlemen are the Living Buddha Tse Kong and Mr. Yang Tsíien of the Temple of the Sages in Taichu. By celestial order, they come to hell to gather facts. Tell them the whole truth about the wrong actions you did in your life. 

The soul:    Itís a sad shame for me to give an account of my crimes. In the terrestrial world, I made a living with my pen. I had thought that regular writings could not make great profits, therefore, I wrote pornographic novels. So, I did it clandestinely, and sold them at high prices. Later on, my wife and I disagreed, and we got a divorce. At old age, I suffered from paralysis. This infirmity reminded me of the bad karma, the law of retribution and sanction which govern manís actions. All of my misdeeds appeared accurately in the Mirror Revelator of Past Crimes. For this reason, I had to pass by several prisons and endure various chastisements, such as heart extraction, limb-chopping etc... I was at last transferred to this prison for the torment of bubbling oil. I suffer miserably day and night. I try in vain to pray for pardon. I would like to send this message to mankind to never write pornographic novels if you want to avoid the punishment I endure, detained in a dark cell with no sunrays. 

The Mandarin:    Pornographic scripts give birth to deplorable consequences. By reading them youngsters are tempted to practice masturbation and seek prostitutes in disguised pleasure-houses and dens. They may go so far as to commit rape and even murder. In addition to the severe punishment in many prisons, the pornographic writers are finally deported to the Eternal Prison. All pornographic scripts must be destroyed before they can return to the cycle of metempsychosis to receive the sanctions of the law of causality. Now, the second soul will declare his crimes. 

The soul:    When in life, I had a photography studio. My professional technique was not bad, but business was poor. Getting advice from some friends, I started producing pornographic films, which I sold at exorbitant prices. Afterwards, my illicit business was discovered and I was arrested by the police. I had to appear at a court-hearing and was given severe sentence. That was the only crime I committed in my life. After my death, I was sent to several prisons and finally to this one to suffer the most painful torment. 

The Mandarin:    All the people who write erotic novels, produce pornographic films, distribute photos of nudes, prepare aphrodisiacs or publish obscene stories are creating for themselves a bad karma. Hell has reserved for them the most severe punishment. Sexual immorality is the root of a thousand crimes. The writers who use their skill for writing foul things and their talent for creating imaginary characters are intellectually sick. They stir and trouble menís hearts. Their crime is colossal. Men should abstain from perusing obscene images and reading unchaste magazines in order to avoid damaging their attitude and character. Whoever tries to run counter to morality will sow a harmful karma and give vent to the fury of the Immortals governing the three worlds. 

TK:      Itís growing late. Letís prepare to go home. I appreciate the useful information you have given us, Excellency. 

YT:      Please accept my thanks for the assistance you granted us. 

The Mandarin:    Itís my pleasure. 

TK:      Here is the temple. Your body is awaiting you.

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