Voyages to Hell

translated by

Nguyen Khang & Bui H.Huu



Buddha Tse Kong who manifested on November 29th, 1976.  Leap year of the Dragon (1976)

How profound and indescribable is the divine principle
Man’s affinities weave with his awakening level
Why not avoid the six gloomy paths of transmigration
And not trap yourself in that spider’s web.

Buddha Tse Kong:       The people who pretend or believe that the divine law doesn’t apply, need simply cast a glance at domestic animals (such as buffalo, horses, fowls, molluscs and insects). All these creatures have varied physical forms, because they were tied to different destinies in their previous incarnation. Humans are of a superior class and they are the most intelligent creatures. They must take good care of their physical bodies, and behave in a virtuous way if they wish to avoid reincarnating in the form of one of the four categories of creatures. In their life as a beast, these creatures can perceive a path of light that will enable them to return to their human form. Humans should not, in error, weave a spider web and entangle themselves in it forever. Yang Ts’ien, be ready for another trip. 

Yang Ts’ien:      Yes, I am ready, Master. 

TK:      We have reached our destination! Here is the Palace of Soul Resuscitation for the Four Categories of Creatures. The King and his retinue are waiting for us. 

YT:      Our humble salutations to His Majesty and to their Excellencies, the Mandarins. We have come again to bother you. 

The King:      Please take it easy. Last time, we did not have enough time for discussions. I am delighted to see you again. Your trip must have been tiring. Please, just step in for a little rest. 

YT:      Thank you, Sir. We are not in the least bit tired. Seated on the dais of lotus, I felt nothing but the winds that whizzed past my ears. 

TK:      Let’s follow His Majesty inside to have some rest. 

YT:      We thank you for your warm welcome. 

The King:            Please have some tea. 

YT:      Our Temple received the divine order to write a book. I am greatly honored to pay visits to hell. My knowledge of religion is limited and I’m particularly ignorant of the situation here. Please give us more information about your palace and I hope that my accounts will give human beings a good understanding so they will try not to commit sins. 

The King:      I’m going to accompany you to different places and explain everything to you. 

YT:      I am deeply grateful, Sir. 

The King:       Please follow me to the main hall. 

YT:      Yes, Sir. But look! There is a stag that appears to want to salute you. Could it be that he solicits some favor from you? 

The King:       He certainly does. This stag was a human, and a disciple of Buddha in his former life. As he fell seriously sick, he was angry with his master, thinking that the latter did nothing to protect him. Afterwards, he renounced his religious beliefs, his vegetarian diet and abstinence. He set up a home and had a family. He slandered religion and made fun of deities. Upon his death, he was incarnated in the form of a stag, and this time is his third reincarnation. Stags live in the confines of forests and mountains and feed on fresh herbs and brook water. They lead a painful life by being exposed to winds and cold, in the way an ascetic does, to pay for the karma of their past life. At present, this stag has paid the debt of his karma. He is led back here by the infernal pull. He comes to ask me to restore his human form. 

YT:      Just one wrong thought is enough to create a negative karma. It’s not easy to escape the infernal law. One thing I don’t understand, Sir. Why is it that the four categories of creatures are automatically drawn to hell upon their death, while human beings are not? 

The King:      Heaven, earth and the universe were created by the same mutating energy which is the “K’i”. The Tao teaches that each “K’i” (original vital breath) gave birth to three “Tsing” (quintessence energy). In reality, a K’i is not transformed into three Tsing, but into thousands of Tsing. Heaven owns its celestial “K’i”, the earth has its terrestrial “K’i” and men possess their human “K’i”. Heaven, earth and men incessantly inhale then exhale. Once deprived of the “K’i”, heaven will collapse, the earth will desintegrate, and men will die. Men’s “K’i” resides in their hearts. Scientists have discovered the force of gravity. They still ignore the gravity of both heaven and men. All that is pure and light rises to heaven, drawn upwards by the heavenly force of attraction. All agitation refers to the earthly force of attraction. These three forces are combined to create all phenomena and substances in the world. The four categories of creatures (birth by matrix, birth by eggs, birth by humidity, birth by metamorphosis) bear a heavy karma from their previous life. They are pulled by the gravity of earth, so automatically appear in hell. On the other hand, the soul of a religious adept whose spiritual energy is purified and light, rises upwards to heaven. Even if the infernal guards want to, they can’t pull down such a soul. It’s like a hydrogen-filled balloon which soars up, anyone who tries to drag it down will risk being lifted up into space. Humans can become Immortals and Buddhas, or spirits and demons. Their status depends on how they behaved and regenerated in their last life. If the descendants wish to bring forth salvation and liberate the souls of their ancestors, they have to acquire merits in life. I advise them to lead their life toward spiritual perfection and to print canonical and ethical books for the education of mankind. They will obtain great merits. Deities’ pledge are to save mankind from suffering and to teach them to follow the right path. The publication, distribution and publishing of canonical books are the deities’ wish. The merits people acquire will also benefit the souls of their ancestors. If they want to recite prayers for the salvation of their ancestors, they must have authentic prayer-books. In addition to the above meritorious deeds, charity work also contribute to the development of a beneficial karma. 

YT:      Your precious words correspond to the teachings of the Tao. The sermons of the deities are inscribed in canonical books and the publication of these is the will of God. Thanks to these great merits, the ancestor’s souls are naturally drawn up by the celestial force of attraction to a higher plane of evolution. 

TK:      What you have just said coincide with the teachings of the “Celestial Bible” or “Great Justice”. Man must lead a perfect life. Enriched with virtues, he will have his place on the higher plane of evolution. 

The King:     This stag has undergone three successive reincarnations on earth because of his bad karma from his previous life. I am going to acquit his sins and order the General to lead him to the Palace of Soul- Resuscitation for restoring his human form. 

The General:     Your order will be carried out, Sir. Mr. Yang Ts’ien, if you don’t mind following me. 

YT:      Thank you, General. I’m following you. Well, I see a nearby palace with the inscription “Palace of Soul-Rescuscitation”. Inside, an old man gives drinking water to the animals. They immediately regain their original human forms of boys, girls, old and young. 

The General:      Mr. Yang Ts’ien, stand by my side and look! I’m going to give some resuscitative water to this stag. 

YT:      Please do. I’m excited! Well, well, that’s magic! The wild stag has transformed into a mature man in his fifties. On his close-shaven head the scar of a joss-stick mark which he had on his baptism-day to Buddhist can still be seen. Is this his appearance after he became a layman? 

The General:     Yes, that’s right. This religious man renounced his religion and returned to the life as a layman. He abandoned the vegetarian diet and no longer observed abstinences. It is for this reason he was condemned to incarnate in the form of a stag. The resuscitative water has transformed him to human form now. 

YT:      What are you going to do with him? 

The General:     Well, the mission of our gate is accomplished once we restore his human form. We are going to transfer him to the 10th Palace which takes charge of reincarnation. The King in charge will examine the karma of his previous life before having him reincarnated on the terrestrial world. To my knowledge, all of the souls transferred by our Palace were reincarnated as children of poor families or as handicapped persons. The reason is because they still have to suffer the consequences of their earlier karma. If they know how to regenerate and lead the life of spiritual perfection, they will proceed to a superior plane of evolution.

TK:     Yang Ts’ien, we are limited by time. Let’s say goodbye to the General, and return to the Palace to salute His Majesty the King. 

YT:      We thank you greatly, for your information. This Palace of Soul- Resuscitation for the Four Categories of Creatures is so far unknown to the living world. 

TK:     I plan to visit it another time for Yang Ts’ien to learn more details. Please anticipate another visit from us, Sir. 

The King:      You are welcome anytime, gentlemen. General, please escort our guests out. 

TK:     Quick to the lotus dais, Yang Ts’ien.

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