Voyages to Hell

translated by

Nguyen Khang & Bui H.Huu




Master Yang Tshieng who manifested on April 13th1977.  Year of the Snake (1977) 

We unveil the five hidden palaces of hell
In hope that man will improve well
The devil is subdued by the magic peach-branch
Then celestial gongs echoe to awaken man.

Master Yang Tshieng:     The Venerable Buddha Tse Kong is busy tonight. By order of God, I take his place and accompany you on your trip to hell. We donít have much time to spare. Make ourselves ready for the departure. 

Yang Tsíien:      I am grateful for your coming in person to accompany me, Venerable Master. But on the other nights, Buddha Tse Kong and I used to travel with a dais of lotus. By what means shall we go tonight, and why do you take along this dog? 

Master Yang:     Buddha and Immortals possess their own means of transportation. Buddha Tse Kong has his dais, I have this dog. Weíre going to mount it. 

YT:      It doesnít run fast enough. By the way, it looks pretty fierce. No one would like to approach it. One risks having their bones crushed by its terrible jaws. 

Master Yang:      It isnít a dog of the terrestrial world. Itís rather a celestial dog and it is also the strength of my legs. Since itís a wise dog, how can it bite you? 

YT:      Our trip would be handicapped by its running speed. 

Master Yang:      Not at all. It will run at top speed because its four legs are like the wheels of a car. It can even exceed the lotus-speed. Donít worry about that. 

YT:      Here I am riding on it. I must make sure I am well seated, or else a somersault would be a catastrophe. Will you sit right in front of me and keep a sharp lookout, Master? 

Master Yang:     Take it easy, young man. Everything will be all right. Now, shut your eyes. 

YT:      Where are we going, Master? 

Master Yang:    To the 5th Palace. Here we arrive. 

Master Yang:     Buddha and Immortals live together under the same roof. Itís just like two men in the world buying two cars of different makes. Each of them believes his car is better and challenges the other to race. Manís heart is similar to an engine. If itís a good engine, then man will feel comfortable to roll on the road with great confidence. 

YT:      Youíre right, Master. I see before us a group of souls climbing onto a platform and jostling each other. The sinful souls, male and female, are escorted by the infernal guards, while some other souls are not. They seem to be smiling and happy, instead. What is this place called, Master? 

Master Yang:      This is called the ďPlatform for Vision of Native PlaceĒ. All of the sinful souls arriving in hell must pass by the 5th Palace to look in the mirror of ďVision of Native PlaceĒ to see their living children. Regrets and nostalgia make them shed bitter tears. The unchastised souls are also permitted to look in the mirror to recognize their children performing daily activities. 

YT:      Over there, I see men and horses standing in lines. They look solemn and disciplined. Who are those saints and genii? 

Master Yang: They are the King of the 5th Palace and military and civilian dignitaries. They are coming down the steps to meet us. Letís make haste. 

YT:      My name is Yang Tsíien, disciple of the Temple of the Sages in Tai Chu. By order of God, I have to prepare the book ďVoyages to HellĒ with a view to convert humans. Tonight, I visit your palace under the guidance of Master Yang Tshíieng. We are grateful for any of your assistance. 

The King:     The Temple of the Sages has contributed greatly to the propagation of faith and publication of religious instruction books which have helped change many bad elements and raised morally weak people from their downfall. Its merits are admirable. Several souls detained in the 5th Palace had read your precious books in their lifetime and printed them for distribution. I have taken into consideration their good deeds and granted them my pardon so they can free themselves and be rewarded according to their good actions. 

YT:      Your clemency is really great, Sir. It is evident that the souls must first exert effort and achieve merits before they can be rewarded for it. 

The King:     Dispense from ceremonials, Mr. Yang Tsíien. Stand up please. Now, if you care to follow me inside for some relaxation. 

Master Yang:     Thank you, Sir. It will be done the next time we come. Could we have a look at the ďPlatform for Vision of Native PlaceĒ now? 

The King:     Why not? Letís go right away. 

YT:      Thank you very much, Sir. 

The King:        All of the sinful souls coming to the 5th Palace have to pass by the Mirror of Vision. Most of them are sentimental and greatly attached to their children and their native place in the living world. Sinful or not, they are all authorized to look once in the mirror. 

YT:      The voice of the heart is hard to repress. Look at that old man, escorted by the guards, who is crying his eyes out before the mirror for ďVision of Native PlaceĒ. What could be the reason for his crying so bitterly? 

The King:        This old man had sinned heavily in his life. He later endured torment in hell, which is now drawing to an end. He comes to the Platform for Vision of Native Place to look back at his children and grandchildren. Now, he realizes that his offspring have no feelings whatsoever for him. He finds that some are absorbed in watching television, the others are relaxing idly in their rooms. None of them has any recollection of his onetime existence. He recalls the pain and labor he experienced in his lifetime for the sake of his progeny, and now their indifference dumbfounds him exceedingly. 

Master Yang:        If one fails to practice virtue in order to regenerate when living, it is useless in death to count on the prayers and requiem of oneís children, in case the latter believe neither in saints and immortals nor in the law of cause of effect. It is best to do good when one is still in full possession of oneís vigor and vital energy. Itís the only guarantee for oneís next life. 

YT:      I did look in the mirror, but I saw no images. The mirror was all white. Why so? 

Master Yang:      Your eyes are fleshly ones. Buddha Tse Kong had taken you to the ďPure Heart PondĒ to cleanse them of worldly dust. But it was a long time ago, and several thick layers of dust have now formed on them, and this is the reason why you see no images in the mirror. The ďVision of Native PlaceĒ is a marvelous mechanism that allows for change.  

The King:        Soiled by worldly dust, your eyes have become sandy and you canít see the images. Holy-water must be brought here to wash Mr. Yang Tsíienís eyes! 

The General:     At your request, Sir... Here it is! 

The King      Please, open wide your eyes, and wash them with this. 

YT:      Thank you, Sir. Well, well, I see clearly, now. Thatís wonderful! 

The King:      Look in the mirror now. 

YT:      My God! I see the Temple of the Sages and its different images appearing by turns in the mirror. In an atmosphere of veneration I see myself seated in front of the mediumistic screen, in the middle of the sanctuary. The celestial Cherub-medium Yu Hiu is directing my hands, dipping the brush-pen in the inkpot, and writing the accounts. The secretaries of the Temple, on my two sides, are taking notes. Brother Sha Sheng Liu dictates the words as soon as they appear on the movie-like screen. 

The King:      Itís quite hard for you to comprehend the amazing operation and possibilities of the Mirror of Vision. As you can see, the celestial medium Yu Hiu, whose occult eyes capture every image, is transmitting on the screen all the things you see in this prison. His eyes resemble the Mirror for Vision of Native Place which focuses the rays of the Yin and Yang that pierce through the obstacles. 

YT:      The divine mysteries are certainly beyond our comprehension. Another old man is now here to climb on the Platform for Vision of Native Place. He is without escort, and walks freely, guided by a guard. He looks jolly and happy. 

The King:       He was an honest man and a disciple of the religious order. He died recently; his children and grandchildren are saying prayers before his altar. This token of affection is a fine gesture of filial piety, which affords him great satisfaction while watching them in the mirror. Though he only acquired merits of average order, he will be allowed to further his regeneration in the religious way, for he has understood that birth and death are two inevitable things in a manís life and that every regret for, and attachment to life is useless. In the future, he can be nominated a genius. 

YT:      Why is it that the dead people can perceive the images in the mirror, whereas a profane man like me canít? 

The King:        Because you are still living, and your soul is tied to the flesh of your body. The dead have their souls detached from their bodies. Their condition of life has been transformed, and while staying in the world of the dead, they can perceive the living beings. Their souls possess infinite possibilities, which the living donít. 

Master Yang:     We donít have much time left. We have to leave you, Sir; and the dignitaries. 

YT:      Once again, we thank you for your hospitality. 

The King:       Muster your troops, generals and officers. Present arms for the salute. 

Master Yang:      Yang Tsíien, come down the platform... 

YT:      Master, I notice the third eye you have on your forehead, between the brows. 

Master Yang:       Itís a celestial eye, the three precious luminaries of the cosmos: star, sun, and moon which are united in it and they shine in all splendor. Its power is immense, its role consists of catching the spirits and devils in the terrestrial world. My presence sows terror among them. 

YT:      With your superhuman power, you certainly can read menís most hidden thoughts, I presume. 

Master Yang:      Donít peek at me like this. Any person with upright eyes looks upward, toward the deities in heaven. The wicked one dare not to do likewise. 

YT:      I am still naive in my first encounter with you. It goes without saying that I open wide my eyes without seeing the high mountain before me. Itís quite ridiculous of me! 

Master Yang: Not the least. Itís quite normal, Yang Tsíien. Now ride on the celestial dog. Weíre going home. 

YT:      Iím ready. Shall we go? 

Master Yang:      Here is the Temple. Come down, and restore your body.

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