Voyages to Hell

translated by

Nguyen Khang & Bui H.Huu



Buddha Tse Kong who manifested on September 3rd, 1976. Leap year of Dragon (1976) 

Serenely, man leafs through the canonical book
With faithful heart, he is free from karmic bonds
Unstained by worldly dust, like a lotus flower
He masters death and birth by imitating deities.

Buddha Tse Kong:      In a manís life, his birth into this world, and his death, are two most important events. He cannot escape them, which made Chuang Tzu say: ďI did not desire to be born into this world, but I was born all the same. I hate to die, but I shall die anyway, when my destiny wants me to.Ē Through aware of the fact that man can control neither birth nor death, we should not believe that he is devoid of means for mastering life and death. Every problem arises from his ignorance of where he originated, and where he will go after death. Frightened and anxious in his perplexity, he refers every incident of his life to the power of the King of Hell who he thinks will determine his destiny. Thence, this saying: ďIf the King of Hell wants you to die at midnight, it is impossible for you to live till next morning.Ē We are now living in a period of salvation. If only men understand the truth and follow the way of the Tao, and make efforts to regenerate, they will overcome death and eliminate reincarnation. Men should cherish their bodies and life on earth. It is not too late for them to awaken and lead a life of spiritual perfection. Say, Yang Tsíien, be ready for our trip. 

Yang Tsíien:   You have attempted to teach of the results of sin and to instill morality in men. Your gesture is really touching, Master. 

TK:      My responsibility depends on how men behave. The deities, whose compassion is immense, impose on themselves the task of salvaging mankind from woes. Now, come quickly on the dais. 

YT:      Iím settled. Letís go, Master. 

TK:      Here we are, at the 2nd Gate, son. 

YT:      May I ask why do you take me to this place tonight? 

TK:      First, itís to present our greetings to the King of the Palace, then to visit the prison. 

YT:      Here is His Majesty the King coming out of his Palace. May I extend my respects to the King and his Mandarins? 

The King:         May I invite Buddha Tse Kong and Mr. Yang Tsíien to come into the Palace for a little rest. 

TK:      I donít think there is any need as time is short. May you take Yang Tsíien to visit the prisons instead? 

The King:         As you say. Letís all go! 

The General:    At your request, Sir. If you donít mind following me? 

YT:      Oh my Lord! How nauseous and fetid the air is here. It smells of feces and urine. 

The General:    Before us is the prison with the Lake of Mire, Excrements and Urine. The stench comes from there. Iím really sorry. 

YT:      The stench is increasing as we are approaching. My breath is going to fail. I just canít breathe, Master. I refuse to go any farther. 

TK:      Donít be alarmed. Iíve brought along this precious object. Take it! 

YT:      What on earth is this, Master? 

TK:      Itís a cage to filter dust. Wear it as a headpiece, then everything will be fine. The air is purified and all stench dissipates. 

YT:      Isnít it a miracle! The odor is gone! Now, I see before me a board with these words: Prison with the Lake of Mire, Excrements and Urine. From the lake of the prison I hear wailing and laments. I see human heads jerking up and down, and human arms groping on the water, as if people were swimming. 

The General:    We have arrived at the prison. Letís come nearer. 

YT:      Yes, letís go. Master, why donít you smell that dreadful odor? 

TK:      The smell doesnít exist for me. Iíve become a buddha and it canít penetrate my sense of smell which is different from yours. Youíre a profane man, you still get affected and deceived by sound, beauty and scent. 

YT:      This lake looks like an immense sea whose shore lies out of sight. In its waters, I see people of all ages and sexes: young and old, men and women, who submerge and emerge from the water filled with excrement and urine. Everytime they open their mouths to utter a cry, they swallow a quantity of that fetid mixture. How horrible and how nasty! I feel like vomiting, Master. 

TK:      Control yourself, son. Donít let the stench affect your spirit. 

YT:      I canít understand what those people have done to suffer such torment? 

The General:    They are people of a variety of classes: courtesans who prostituted their chastity of money, female brothel-keepers who led the girls of honest families astray by selling their virginity to pleasure seekers, usurers charging prohibitive interest, and eaters of placenta for fattening. Their feet were not soiled by the dust of labor, making a living only by deceitful words and by tricking others. Also, there are those people who were excessively lustful; false witness who said black was white; bankers embezzling money; shareholders vanishing with the funds of commerce; mandarins and government officials accepting bribes; middlemen earning colossal profits; and building contractors exploiting workers and stealing materials. In a word, all those who had a soiled, contaminated body and a filthy mouth are condemned to this prison, so they can taste the flavor of this stinking mixture. They suffer, breathing the stench of excrement and urine every time they open their mouths. Meanwhile, they are tormented by hunger and thirst, being given no foodstuffs of any kind. Those who fed foul things are now paid with the same. They are victims of the law of causality, and are deservedly suffering its consequences. They are immersed in this layer of excrement and urine, and the more they seek to evade it, the more they sink to the bottom. 

YT:      How pitiable they are! In the terrestrial world, people are being provided with ultra-modern toilets that are free of odors, and they also have chemicals to destroy the refuse. Wealthy people even spray perfume to chase the stench. But some peopleís greed leads them to earn foul money, and their handsome appearance often masks a heart filled with feces and urine. If they are condemned to this prison, it is only justice done. 

TK:      Youíre right, Yang Tsíien. Some humans wear fine makeup and beautiful garments, they have a neat, decent appearance, but their hearts are full of guile and intrigue. Those speculators and hoarders, for instance, should be classed together with excrements and urine. Though they may lead a temporarily easy life, they will live a different life in hell, feeding on foul things, day in day out. 

The General:    We shouldnít be pitying them. These people are no better than latrine-worms which feed on excrement for growth. We advise men on earth to live with integrity and uprightness. They should never use stratagems and tricks to take advantage of other people in monetary affairs. Those who exercise dishonest trades to gain foul money will have to come to this place after their death. They will be judged according to their crimes. At least, they will have to endure punishment until their skin and flesh are disintegrated. Upon completion of their sentences here, they will be transferred to other palaces for judgment of their remaining crimes. 

YT:      This prison is horrible, indeed. 

TK:      Well, time goes fast, and it is enough for today, Yang Tsíien. Letís prepare for the return. General, we feel much obliged for your instructions. Please, convey my thanks to His Majesty for his warm welcome. 

YT:      Shall I take off my headpiece, Master? 

TK:      Wait until you are on the dais, otherwise, you canít tolerate the smell. 

YT:      Here am I on the lotus dais! 

TK:      Take off the headpiece, son. Weíll return to the temple. The wind is icy in the World of Darkness, the stench is prevailing, the worldís desires are thickening a thousand leagues high, burying a great number of heroes and men of character. I advise human beings to regenerate so they can avoid the spectacles of hell. Here we are. Yang Tsíien, go regain your body.

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