Voyages to Hell

translated by

Nguyen Khang & Bui H.Huu



Buddha Tse Kong who manifested on November 29th, 1977. Year of the Snake 

The splendid Tao comes to mankind by mediumnistic means
Resurrection with meditation will help man become serene
Thousand of sacred books are guiding human beings
With all blessings to long for manís awakening.

Buddha Tse Kong:    Taking a trip to hell by oneís soul is neither a mythical nor a legendary tale. From early ages until the present, several dead and buried men have resurrected to life. They assuredly acted as witnesses for what they had seen and heard in hell and could relate the facts with ease and accuracy. Their testimonials were conformable to the scriptures in canonical books. However, the reading of their accounts always left many human beings skeptical, saying that they did not see the facts with their own eyes. They referred to all such things as hallucinations. How could we impose veracity on those incredulous people? All we can say is this: we canít see the inner organs of our bodies, but they are always there, and they function constantly. If one day, we fall sick and something inside of us disfunctions, how painful it will be. Then, we may need x-ray examination and a surgical operation to get well. If we canít see our viscera, should we say they donít exist? Normally, hell is invisible to human eyes, but it does exist. There are some individuals who can experience hell during their lifetime. Others only perceive it during the moment of agony. I say all this, to show that many things are imperceptible, but they exist around us and within us. The air, the breath, the thoughts, the feelings that preserve our lives, are far from perceptible to our sight. We know them only through sensations. In fact, it is these very abstract substances that constitute the basic elements of maintaining our life. If we are deprived of air, we cease breathing, thinking and feeling and in a few moments we leave this world. Is it necessary to argue on whether they are palpable or mysterious? If humans find a new chemical substance, an ore, or a formula today, and are proud of their discoveries, the fact doesnít prove that these things were only born yesterday. No, they have existed for millenniums and only now are they disclosed by men. 

Yang Tsíien:    You are perfectly right, Master. It is regrettable that most humans refuse to understand this state of things. They are comparable to a blind man denying the existence of what he canít see. Men are being surrounded in a world of forms and colors, and they propose to walk a thousand leagues with a mere stick in hand. It is proven that our physical eyes are blinded by thousands of obstacles, and only the 3rd eye of clairvoyance can enable us to see through all things. Unfortunately, our third eye is closed and we are like a blind man who succumb to crazy passions which lead us to successive unhappy cycle of reincarnations. 

TK:      Well said, son. Men are warned of the consequences of their violation of the law, just as they are aware of the well in front of them, but they donít bother to open their eyes and prevent their fall. A blind man is even wiser than them, because with a stick, he can grope his way. Once fallen into the whirlpool of hell, no one can expect to get out early, not after infinite score of reincarnations. Your clothes are dirty and wet. Itís not decent to present yourself in front of the King of the Palace. 

YT:      Thatís the dirt from the mediumís table which soils my clothes. Please, excuse me, Master. 

TK:      Itís all right for this time. I guess you know what a profane man should do when presenting himself to the palace. He should wear neat and clean clothes in order to be well-treated. Well, come up anyway. 

YT:      I am up, Sir. Shall we go? 

TK:      Here we are. Get down, Yang Tsíien, and go salute the Mandarin. 

YT:      At your request, Master. My respects to His Excellency the Governor and to the Generals. 

The Mandarin:    Welcome, Honorable Buddha Tse Kong and Mr. Yang Tsíien. We received Mr. Yang Tsíienís letter asking for the admittance to visit hell. This is of great merit. You are invited to come inside for observation. 

YT:      We thank you for your warm welcome, Excellency. The infernal guards are escorting the sinners at the entrance of the prison. Already, I hear howlings. 

TK:      Letís hurry to follow them in. 

YT:      Well, I am now viewing the spectacle of the prisoners. Their bodies streaming with blood, the souls are attached firmly to stakes. The guards and demons are ripping open their bellies with cutlasses and extracting their bowels and stomachs. A pack of black dogs, nearby, are wrangling and devouring their prey. Since the sinnersí bowels and stomaches are still joined with their hearts, the jerky tearings of the dogs cause them inexpressible suffering, and they fall unconscious. The spectacle is abhorrent. Please, Excellence, what sins did they commit to suffer that way? 

The Mandarin:    When in life, these souls were mandarins accepting bribes, rotten government employees, or people with beast-like hearts. If you want to know better, I shall have some souls come for your interrogation. 

YT:      I would appreciate it, Excellency. I need to get accurate testimonials so I can make the living people believe. 

The Mandarin:   Give the reasons that brings you here. 

The soul:   I was a high official. I took advantage of my high position to confiscate the properties and estates of other people. I didnít hesitate to resort to the most vulgar means to appropriate other peopleís possessions. I didnít expect that after my death, I would be led to the Mirror Revelator of Past Crimes which unmasked my true self. I was thunderstruck when watching all my misdeeds appeared in the magic mirror: greed, extortion of property and money. I had to pass through the judgment of several palaces before I was transferred to the 7th Palace, where the King of the ďHigh MountainĒ condemned me to the disemboweling torment. Everyday my bowels and stomach are torn out and tossed to the black dogs. My suffering is unimaginable. 

The Mandarin:     While occupying a position as high as yours, your duty is to care for the citizens, their interests and their welfare. Yet, you failed to fulfill that duty. Reversely, you tried to seize as much property as you could. Your stomach is full of filth. I advise the mandarins and officials to accomplish their duty towards the people and remain faithful to their country. They will acquire great merit. If their personal interest gets the best of them, they will be condemned to hell. 

YT:      Now, elderly woman, what made you come here? 

The soul:    I feel remorseful when thinking of my sins, but I know that itís rather late now. When I was 48 years old, as my business went bankrupt, I became a banker. In a moment my conscience failed me, I misappropriated the shareholdersís money and fled. At the age of 54, I died of sickness and the King of Hell condemned me to this prison. 

The Mandarin:     By embezzling the shareholdersí money, you had engulfed it in your entrails. Now, I give you a hand by taking out your guts to pay off your debts. After your wrong is purged in here, you will have to reincarnate in the terrestrial world to repay your debts. 

YT:      Can you tell me, old man, how long are you condemned here? 

The soul:    For 3 years. Before, I was a farmer. I grew vegetables for a living. When I was middle aged, my beds of greens were ruined by insects and I had to spray insecticides to exterminate them. Profiting from a sudden rise of prices on the market, I sold the vegetables which had just been sprayed with insecticides. And now, I am condemned to this prison because of this blunder. 

The Mandarin:    For the sake of your individual interests, you sold the greens that were freshly sprayed with insecticide. It means that you sold poison, because it takes 15 days before the toxic- impregnated vegetables can be eaten without danger. Otherwise, the poisonous ingredients will be absorbed little by little into menís organism and cause liver disease or cancer. You had therefore created great danger for the consumers of vegetables. Many of them were poisoned. Thatís the reason you are condemned to this prison. 

YT:      Old woman, why are you condemned here? 

The soul:    O, my God! I am so unhappy in this prison. Save me, I pray you! 

TK:      O yes, I pity you. But look, why didnít you have pity on other people when you were living? Tell me the motive of your crimes. 

The soul:    I had a foster daughter whom I didnít like and I treated her badly since her childhood. When she reached the age of puberty, she grew unusually pretty and her beauty induced me to sell her to a brothel for a handsome amount of money. It goes without saying I sold her by force and against her will. 

The Mandarin:    You were a fiendish woman. You made use of your foster daughter for lucrative purpose while destroying morality and social customs. You were inhuman and your cruelty deserves the punishments of this prison. 

TK:      Our time is limited, Yang Tsíien. I want to go home. 

YT:      Please, Master, I have a further question to ask you before we leave: while enduring torture, some souls are seen fainting and their bodies are all lacerated: how can the guards restore them to life the next day, safe and sound, before the torment is renewed? 

TK:      Have you ever had a nightmare in which someone sprang upon you and tried to kill you? If you have, you felt extremely pained and frightened at the moment he stabbed his dagger. Then you startled up. You felt cold sweat trickling on your temples, and rejoiced at finding yourself uninjured. The following night, you have the same nightmare. The same wakeup with a start, with no trace of a scratch. Well, thatís exactly what happens to the swooning souls. The demons revive them with resuscitative water, and they come back to life, unscathed, and feeling no pain. The torments, thus applied, are purposely meant to impose on the sinners a sensation of terror while they endure the punishment. The redoubtable punishment of hell tends to awaken the sinnersí conscience. It is for this reason death is usually compared to a long-lasting nightmare. The man leaving the world is comparable to a man in deep sleep having a painful dream. Take another example: in your dream, you picked up an ingot of gold. You were wild with delight. You woke up. Nothing was left, your hands were empty. All this proves that dreams are not realities, and it is the sleeper who has erroneous impressions. The adepts of the religious way who fail to grasp the truth and persist in believing in the forms, names, colors and outlooks of things will finally fall into the nightmare of illusions. 

YT:      I am fairly taught now. Dear Master, I am ready for the return trip. Shall we go to say farewell to the Governor and Generals. 

The Mandarin:   Generals, stand on ceremony to greet the guests. 

TK:      Here we are, at the Temple. Disembark and run to your body.

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