Voyages to Hell

translated by

Nguyen Khang & Bui H.Huu



Buddha Tse Kong who manifested on July 16th, 1977. Year of the Snake 

The mayflies and gambling passions are a pair
Rich today but poor tomorrow which is fair
The lascivious woman buries her virtue and dignity
Fallen into the abyss, she laments in despair.

Buddha Tse Kong    Hooligans and vagabonds donít want to work as honest people do. They take gambling as an occupation and a means of living. As thick as thieves they set a trap for the candid folks to fall into and get pitifully ruined. Recently, many cases of robbery and murder took place in Central  Taiwan. They were the consequences of gambling, because the gamblers, willy-nilly, will fall upon the path of sin. Sooner or later, they will become thieves or bandits and the road to prison become inevitable. Gambling has ruined many people, and is the root of much evil caused to society. Humans should discontinue gambling and avoid attracting regrettable consequences. Adultery and gambling are two grave sins that receive equal punishment. In hell, souls committing these two sins are crying and moaning terrifyingly. Yang Tsíien, Iím going to have you visit the 16 cells of the heart-wrenching prison so you can personally see these sinners. Come quickly on the dais. 

Yang Tsíien:     Iím ready, Master. We can start. 

TK:      Weíre arrived. Come down, son. 

YT:      The streets of hell sound more animated this time. Why so? 

TK:      Itís the festival of ďAmnesty for the TrespassedĒ on the 15th of the 7th lunar month. In the terrestrial world, people give offerings to the roving souls on the 15th and 16th days of the 7th month. The souls with slight sins are allowed to get out of their prisons for receiving alms. 

YT:      So, thatís why. I see the Mandarin-Governor coming from a distance to welcome us. 

The Mandarin:     Welcome to you, gentlemen. Itís the festival of ďAmnesty for the TrespassedĒ today. The atmosphere is quite noisy and tumultuous around here. I hope you donít mind. 

TK:      Donít worry about that, Excellency. We hope to receive your assistance and that of the generals and officers as well. 

The Mandarin:    You are carrying out a holy mission of God. Your achievements and merits are great. It is our duty to render you service. Shall we come inside for observation? 

YT:      Thank you, Excellency. In the prisons, the sinful souls are yelling and groaning terribly. 

TK:      All of the souls detained in the heart- wrenching prison are grave sinners, therefore, they arenít eligible to benefit from the amnesty and canít go to receive the offerings of the living world. 

The Mandarin:     I have brought two sinful souls who will tell you the crimes of their life. (to the souls) Listen! These are the living Buddha Tse Kong and his disciple Yang Tsíien, from the Temple of the Sages. They received the order of God to gather information in hell for the preparation of a book that serves as a moral guide for humans. You are ordered to declare what you did in your terrestrial life. 

The soul:    At your request. When I was living, my work required me to travel. Local inns were my residence, and casual women were my companions. After a short period of time, I became a passionate gambler. At first, I gambled out of curiosity, but in the long run, gambling became an addiction, and I couldnít live without it. If I missed one day going to gambling-dens, I felt nervous and worried. I was so addicted to gambling that. I became a ruffian of gaming-houses. I earned much money but lost all of it in gambling and had to borrow large amounts from my companions. I totally ignored my family. At the age of 43, I died in a motorcycle accident. The infernal guards led me to hell where I was told that my longevity was curtailed by five years. I had to pass from the 1st to the 4th Palace for investigation, and finally, I was imprisoned in the 5th Palace. The King was furious and condemned me to 15 years in the heart-wrenching prison. Here, because of gambling, my passionate heart is extracted day after day, and the suffering is beyond expression. I hope that humans are careful not to follow my example. Hell abhors gamblers, and the King of the 5th Palace used to precede every judgment by an order to give the gambling a hundred blows by clubs. Itís really humiliating and painful. With our hands injured, we suffer and cry mournfully. O! Buddha Tse Kong! I pray you! Come to my rescue! 

TK:      The people of your caliber donít have a heart. Donít count on my help. I canít do anything for you. You must try to tolerate the pain. 

The Mandarin:    Your supplications are of no use. No one can save you. If you canít eliminate your passion for gambling, I shall even send you to the hand-roasting torment. Your sin of gambling has created a bad karmic for you. You cannot blame either God, or your fellow-creatures. Now, you, the second soul, narrate the misdeeds of your life. 

The female soul:    There are a lot of people around here. I blush while making my declarations. I was a married woman, but because of my lustful nature, I got involved in clandestine relationships with the youths of my neighborhood. I committed adultery with five young men, totally without the knowledge of my husband. At the age of 54, I died of a stroke. My soul was arrested by the white-and-black demons of hell, and led to the Mirror Revelator of Past Crimes to witness the images of my contemptible actions. I was forced to confess on the spot, unable to deny before such irrefutable proof. After that, I was sent to the 5th Palace and imprisoned in the heart-wrenching jail for 20 years. My heart is cut out each day, and the suffering is unbearable. Itís too late for me to repent now. I pray you, Buddha Tse Kong, to intercede with the King of the 5th Palace and obtain some grace for me. 

TK:      As a married woman, you should have been loyal to your husband. But you did commit the sin of adultery and deviated from the good path. I really canít do anything for you. 

The Mandarin:     Donít budge an inch for her, Venerable Buddha Tse Kong. She had been a sensual woman, so her heart, full of carnal pleasures, must be cut out in conformity with the karmic law, which dictates like cause and effect. In her lifetime, she committed odious sins without a shadow of remorse. Had she known to repent and amend with prayers to Buddha, she could have been forgiven. Unfortunately, she didnít show any sign of intent for amendment, even after her death. It is impossible to provide her some amnesty. 

TK:      Your words are reasonable, Excellency. All those who committed the sins of gambling and lewdness may repent of their wrong doing, and return to the right path by doing good actions, or by printing and distributing the volumes of ďVoyages to HellĒ. They will obtain pardon for their sins. Yang Tsíien, itís time for going home. 

YT:      At your request, Master. My best thanks to His Excellency and to the Generals. Goodbye. 

The Mandarin:     Troop-mustering for salute to our visitors.

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